IIM - CAT Coaching: Experts' Insights

IIM - CAT Coaching: Experts' Insights: July 2012

Friday, July 20, 2012

Do's and Dont's when taking Mock CATs


The easy ones first 1) Make sure you take plenty of them and 2) Take them as seriously as possible. Mimic exam settings  well. Now, on to the others

1) Focus on building intensity: Make sure you reduce your concentration lapses as possible. Very often we forget the intensity-building aspect of Mock CATs. It just becomes a routine exercise because you are chalking up the numbers. Most students have 2 spells of 7-9 minutes where nothing gets done. You need to beat this down aggressively

2) Analyze to death: Do not analyze percentile trends or some such artificial nonsense. You should be able to answer these questions - a) How many errors are from guesses, how many from 'silly errors' and how many from being caught out by the question. More importantly, how many errors were due to fatigue b) What are my 'strong' topics/question types. How come I am making mistakes in these? c) Identify 3 questions in each section where you spent too much time on and improve question selection d) Am I selecting the right questions (this is a whole new topic, we will have a separate post on this) e) How many questions that have been 'skipped' were do-able?

3) Try out different strategies: The mock CAT series is to find a pattern that works for you. With the exam being online, going sequentially is the best strategy to approach. But still one needs to know when to do RC, LR and DI within the two sections. Have a broad outline (like early in the paper or late in the paper), and flirt with 1-2 other patterns


1) Dont take the percentile scores seriously: The percentile you got in the 3rd mock CAT of the Alpha test series counts for pish tosh. So, chuck that. This percentile is one of the most misleading statistic around. Very often students get into a fall comfort zone if the percentiles are going in the right direction. There is no single provider in the country who has managed to mimic CAT well. So, if you are doing better and better at Alpha test series, chances are that you have cracked the "Alpha" series well. So, go and try a few in Beta and Gamma test series. The number of students who consistently score 99th percentile in a test series and find themselves in no man's land in when actual CAT scores come along is very high.

2) Do not depend on only one provider for Mock CATs: Mix it up. Dont fall into a comfort zone with one style of questioning. Make sure you are tested under a different setting. Friends can even pool together, get an id 

3) Do not take 2 mock CATs in a day in order to increase your mock CAT count: It is meaningless to take mock CATs when you are tired. And you are kidding yourself if you have taken a mock CAT, analyzed it and are not tired at the end of it.

Best wishes for CAT 2012. Now that the dates have been announced, it is probably a good time to crank up your preparation.

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